Fluence is the root for many words meaning all sorts of things and processes – be that the measure of particle flux in the electromagnetic field or the flow of ethereal fluids affecting human destiny in astrology. Influence, confluence, affluence, effluence, profluence, difluence... We use it to suggest the kind of motion where its objective and course are determined by the circumstances of each individual project to which we apply our energies – that is, by its Source.
We are an independent advisory voice, creative agency and curatorial plug&play task force recognized for its involvement in a number of resonant projects around the world – primarily in the field of experimental and innovative hospitality. Our partners and clients are mostly hotels, resorts, clubs, bars, restaurants, and other establishments, both brand new and those in need of rebranding.

The strategy we employ is anchored in the idea of vibrant cultural and meaningful communal experiences. In a certain demographic context, these experiences stand as the main factors of attraction and ensure the strongest brand identity. Working on projects, we take on the task of uniquely formulating these experiences at the outset, consistently articulating them through ongoing communication, and properly managing these experiences on the ground.
Conventional wisdom breeds mediocrity.
In short, once all the physical infrastructure is in place, our job is to breathe soul into the project. Few in this galaxy know better than we do what it takes to fill the void – all those bells and whistles that are needed to foment life in its frigid clime and to set the wheels of jovial conviviality in motion.
Drawing on decades of experience in the field, the insights from sociology, psychology, and philosophy, guided by certain aesthetic sensibilities, equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia design and communication methodology, Source & Fluence lends its diverse competence and much enthusiasm to projects calling for an extra conceptual articulation of their identity, curatorial support for their brand values, and deeper integration of their message into the universe of digitally mediated awareness.
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