Here is a collection of portraits. They are mostly photos of superstars taken by masters of photography. It means in these photos everything is thought out thoroughly and properly executed – in terms of techniques (lighting, framing, etc) and in terms of narrative (bodily positioning, gestures, facial expressions). In other words, in our case we do not need to invent all the above but to reproduce the approaches staging the postures along these iconic lines and applying these master techniques to our persons. Techniques are not a problem, but with posturing we need to work. After all, our guys are not superstar actors or professional photo models. They cannot just strike a pose on spot and radiate all that coolness and relaxed effortless self-confidence. But there is a way to pull it out from them with a bit of interaction in the process.

Please observe that these photos are not simple head shots. Most of them have hands in the frame – in various interesting combinations. It's for a reason. Hands in the photos are very important. As they are depicted, hands help to convey the ease and tranquility, make the photos and characters more elegant, add more meaning to the scenes and in our case would bundle the entire series, as a signature element. See you soon!
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