When Nothing Happens
Home alone in the castle – sleepless 3AM
Nothing like home alone in the castle – sleepless 3AM. The lights are off all around to keep the electricity bill down. Your blood runs cold on sounds coming from the abyss of darkness in the basement. Winds thrusting against the feeble doors and windows. Or monsters! Your heart misses a beat on your own shadows and reflections as you step into it venturing for a snack toward the kitchen. It also puts you in the mood for books with titles such as "Life, Death & Meaning" (none of the words in it capitalized on the cover) – the one I am paging through. Its Table of Contents is pregnant with weighty fundamental questions. The answers contained in the chapters may entertain one well into the dawn. Da-sein. Let's see...

1. Why It Is Better Never To Come Into Existence
2. On Becoming Extinct
3. Why Not Let Life Become Extinct
4. How To Be Dead And Not Care
5. Why Death Is Not Bad For The One Who Died
6. Whether Causing Someone To Exist Can Benefit This Person
7. The Absurd
Nothing like being home alone in the castle – sleepless 3AM. Noticing – on my third glass of wine, or fifth – that the moon here is not just hanging there. It is a real companion. It talks to you – passing onto you the light that never goes out. The impression I have never had observing the moon from within the city. And I understand: in the city I am a mass-person while the moon above it is a mass-phenomenon. What is there to talk about beyond the exchange of phatic trivialities... I would have to clarify or delete this assertion when I wake up. Until then!
When nothing is happening at Schloss Beesenstedt... But this is the kind of calm that anticipates a storm. It is coming to slam and shake the palace for three days next week starting Thursday October 18th. Wanna ride it? There is a name for it: Per Anhalter, "a fairy tale festival". Biannual, its winds swell on wisdom that "a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." I guess that's all you as a prospective "hitchhiker" need to know about this phenomenon. Otherwise, go figure below:

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