The Rest is History... to be Told
In Search of the Foundations
Schloss Beesenstedt... Much of its history is a gray area – dark, tangled and messy as its basement, two levels deep down, and as vast the subject of inquiry and interpretation as the continental time-space continuum where it's grounded. Spanning a few centuries, it is perforated with periods of total havoc, desolation and abandon manifesting the symptoms of massive tectonic shifts in the very structure of our civilization.

From the Kingdom of Prussia and Kaiser's Monarchy to Weimar Republic and so on to Third Reich, Socialist State and New Federation, two most calamitous wars in between, the history has been imprinting itself on the schloss as much... as it has been withholding soon afterwards – each epoch on entry eradicating the vestiges of the regimes on exit, with its invisible hands getting rid of the leftovers from the cleanups by the resident precursors themselves packing and wiping up after their own ploys. Lodging freemasons, headquartering nazis, party communists...
Part of Project Beesenstedt is digging up the facts about it related to its foundations and earlier history. Help us out.
When Armin acquired the estate some 20 years ago, there was only one material reference to the past within the walls: C. Bechstein grand piano, partially intact.

Built as a clandestine club to run as an underground venue (by now, I bet, the oldest in the world and one of a kind anyway, on many counts), its cache memory has been blocked by the rules of operational secrecy, vows of silence, subsequent cover-ups and in the course of ideological sanitization; completed with sporadic burglary and vandalism.

But it's precisely this resultant obscurity which intrigues the research in this direction now and makes the discoveries, small as they are, so valuable. More about it in the Gnosis series…

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