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Wednesday | October 17th — 2018

Per Anhalter: A Fairy Tale Festival

Mind is a wonderful thing to lose – a tad of it from time to time on weekends, anyway. Go ahead hitch-hike this reckless expedition to Schloss Beesenstedt next week. Its captains navigate the space-time continuum without a map or compass – carrying instead for guidance a brick of confidence in believing that "a good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving." Per Anhalter!

Soundtrack to this video vignette is a snippet from maestro Spaniol – Jangá (Niju Remix). Nice, easy-breezy, almost self-propelling piece which also betrays one name in the fab – albeit so far secret – lineup for Thursday through Monday non-stop. 18 – 21st of October.
Saturday | mARCH 10th — 2018

Utopia: Outplacing the Mundane

Everything and non-stop for a few days on weekends making Studio54 look like a small potato. Aside from its substance by Sage and for Sage the inner circle expanding all-inclusively, Utopia is the uttermost FoMO paradise for all the uninitiated out there arriving. Surrender to irrationality for its own sake promulgated within by dOP, Oliver Deutschmann, Freddy K, Dr. Motte, Escape To Mars, Juli N. More, Jake The Rapper, Midas 104, Norman Weber, Rico Loop, Esther Duijn, Jama Deejay, Sarah Wild, Mr.Timeless, and more.
Thursday | MARCH 8TH — 2018

Utopia: Dreams Made of This

What dreams are like... The only part of you that knows what they are about is itself your deepest mystery. Sur as it gets, this is an invitation to Utopia illuminated in the lineup with more than 50 international names (including the brightest sonic lanterns of Berlin underground) and some 300 in attendance – no more due to the physical space limitations. This congregation will be tight. And as much intimate. There may be some tickets left.
Monday | MARCH 6TH — 2018

Utopia: In and Out

The world where nothing is real, ordinary or predictable. It is always elsewhere. We're heading to Utopia. The road signs tell we're arriving soon. Would we ever be able to pull ourselves out of this dream? Or to wake up from it remembering what happened... There may be a few round-trip tickets left.
Saturday | January 6th — 2018

Burning Bär 18: Extrawurst

Reads like a haiku: Time is on fire! It's burning fast. Lining up for Extrawurst...

I swear by the names of all the liars in the world (mostly politicians and smartphone repair men): this piece of "wurst" will be devoured long before its dinner time. Space is limited to 500 and it isn't much. Arrange your participation soon. Sincerely, Your Ghost.
Saturday | September 16th — 2017

Balboa Camp: Get Down & Funky, Hepcats!

For those about to swing... The resident ghosts salute you!

"Because it has captured the whole point of swing dancing. Because it is magical and otherworldly, and far too intense, and filled with the promise of mischief. Because the people that make it happen are unique and fantastic. Because the castle itself is charming and slightly mouldy. Because the bar is always open and anything goes. Because you can stay up late enough to find those unforgettable dances, and you can leave a little more whole and brokenhearted than the last time you visited..."

Swing like a pro, fine-tune your moves or discover and unloose your inner dancer. In the midst of masters, you'll be cutting a rug in no time!
Friday | April 14th — 2017

Hotel Glasnost: No Lullabies

With the lineup so sweeping and ecstatic, no bedtime till Monday at this fine-plus backwoods "hotel" haunted by fun-loving, sometimes debaucherous ghosts: "Mach mit, mach's nach, mach's besser..." Ready, set, go! Chaise the sounds of Asaf Samuel, Benjamin Röder. Dreems, Fez Huaber, Felix Rupprecht, Flo Scheuer, Helena Hauff, Henry Gilles, Johannes Mergarten, Kareem El Morr, Katzele, Leo Küchler, Manuel Kim, Michal Zietara, T-Data, Walter Wolff, Yannic Bartel.
Tuesday | October 18th — 2016

MultiBlack: Murder on the Dance Floor

Ever dreamed of being murdered on the dance-floor? Who have not! What all normal people dream of constantly is just that – of ways to trump their mundane normality. So it's your call – pick it up. We've got some tickets on hold for our B31 regulars and followers. The organization responsible for the infamous MULTI:BLOND bacchanalia in May pulls the trigger again shooting all the lights off turning it BLACK for Halloween.

Lineup of deadly forces: Al Kassian, Andy Catana, Amin Fallaha, Aziesch, Borrowed Identity, Candy Pollard, DJ Lachs, Hidden Tapes, Ilyas Heckmann, Massimiliano Pagliara, Mr.Ties, Roi Perez, Wallauer b2b Shahin.

Killer food menu, bar, sauna, pool, tattoo studio, taboo cinema, conspiracy lounge full of secrets – all yours for the weekend.
Friday | March 11th — 2016

Film Schloss Fest: What Else?

To look forward to in May and to never forget afterwards: Exquisite film program + readings, workshops, concerts, gala dinner, costume ball, parties... What else? Always something in the dark!
Friday | January 13th — 2017

Sage: Das Utopia

Drei Tage und zwei Nächte hedonistisches Treiben auf Schloss Beesenstedt.

Freddy K (Key Vinyl, Unbroken), Oliver Deutschmann (Soma, Vidab), Sylvie Maziarz (Berlina Für Techno, David Dorad (URSL), Jan Oberlaender (Katermukke), Michal Zietara (Osba, Renate, Pets Recordings), DJ Page (Tresor), Max Gaudium (Fiese Remise), Edward Ean (Berlina Für Techno), Lee Jokes (Katermukke), Daniel Heinrich (Berlina Für Techno), Mr.Timeless (Bar25), Mattia Fontana (Clique Club), Peak (Peak & Swift, Salon - Zur wilden Renate), I.nOmac (Dada Revoution Berlino).
Friday | May 27th — 2016

Per Anhalter: Durch Raum & Zeit

Get your spacesuit ready to join our next journey. The coordinates are set and the machines are oiled to pump up your systems. Our radar shows heavy turbulence ahead, but don't panic. These bumps will be full of joy! The cabin crew will provide you with more info once we are on the runway ready for take-off.
Thursday | May 26th — 2016

Swing Castle: All that Jazz in Paradise

Swingers of the world, unite! Those who don't swing, it's about time you should start pondering why not – for you have nothing to lose but the chains of your senseless hesitation.
Swing Castle Camp 2016: "The 'Sodom & Gomorrah of Swing' invites you for another debaucherous week in Jazz paradise..."

Day classes, workshops, talks, screenings, competitions, live music, gala dinner, parties, nights...
Sunday | March 27th — 2016

Who the Fck?: Keep on Dancing

Modesty is the color of virtue... On behalf of the organization with its name as unpresuming as "Who the Fck?" and mission as simple as to keep you dancing, we are all too pleased to pass around the following information: XDB, Konstantin Sibold, Murat Tepeli, Borrowed Identity, Oliver Hafenbauer, Orson Wells, Epikur, Candy Pollard, TRP and many many more.

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